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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to Build a Shed, better yet, How to build a Mystery

                            (Or any writing for the public viewing)

Yesterday, I was tracing through the Internet, when I came upon different sites in regards to “How to Build Your Own Garden Shed,” what took me there, I have no idea mainly because I am not interested in building a shed of any kind, until it hit me like a “flash of lightening,” building my own garden shed is like writing a Mystery novel. Yeah, writing…let me show you.

When one makes a shed, it can be of any length or width so long as it is large enough to hold everything.
You need a strong foundation is the key to building your shed so that it can last long, or withstand the verbal run on sentences and clichés.

Continue on the build: so that it can last long enough to withstand the weight of the structure.

The structure you ask how important is the structure? Many think that there are no simple formulae that will work every time, but I have found that if one is organized in their thought patterns  or process of your characterizations as well as their goal, then the balance of the structure is laid. You know where you are starting, the goal, but not necessarily how you are to achieve this goal or the ending.

Continue on the build: Once you build a strong foundation, you’ll need to build it stronger by adding several more two by six, placing them from one end of the foundation to the other end. Then, nail them in place with spikes or other large nails.

This is the plot, the nailing of the foundation to whole the weight of your structure. A good plot builds a cohesive narrative. It connects as the glue to the structure and characterization.  There’s no hard and fact rule to obtain this cohesiveness, except to be believable.Writing is highly personal so every writer’s approach to each story is different, but good creative writing needs these elements to work in harmony.

Continue on the build: Continue with the two by six and frame out your shed with nails, but don’t forget to
locate and measure out your door and windows.

I’m not talking about framing a character that may be innocent (or not). The frame in a mystery is the narrative that flows around the plot that keeps nailing. How one moves in the storyline (or fixed). The narrative carries the plot forward through conflict, settings or some form of conceptual issue of tangible or intangible circumstance(s).   

Continue on the build: The floor of your shed will lie on the top of the frame. You can build a floor by using sheets of strong, three-quartered inch plywood or any pressure treated boards. To build the floor strong, you should nail the floor to the frame every three inches or so.

Once again, the nailing of the foundation, the frame and now the floor, which is the resolution. With the resolution, there is the sense of an explanation or a solution. Keeping your promise to the reader that the problem, conflict, or mystery will or have reached its culminate.

The resolution brings things together. Without the floor the plot, the frame, the characterizations, the conflicts, settings or forms cannot have a resolution. The mystery would stay a mystery, which will affect the reader.

I was told once, “no matter the ending, being hopefully exciting or not, ‘one should never cheat the reader out of an opportunity to solve the crime on their own.’ There need to be subtle hints throughout the book which allows the reader the opportunity to discern or guess who committed the crime.

You think I forgot the last part of building a shed, well I did not. I wasn’t too sure if I needed to tell you how to construct the roof.

Finally the end of the build: The roof, you’ll need to measure and cut two by fours to make the roof supports to build with. These wood pieces will be nailed in between the longer supports.

The support of a mystery is your forum, your how to share, or your platform. What is your platform, who is your audience? Which audience are you sharing with? What is your forum, your Genre?

The support is your responsibility, your interaction, and your contribution to the availability of your work.

The door and windows: measure and cut some additional two by fours. These wood pieces will reinforce the corners of the frame. The doorway frame needs to be reinforced with double two by four also.

The door and windows are the medium you use after the building of your shed, be it the Internet, by blogging, Face Book, Twitter and many other mediums that are available.  A. H. Scott   

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