AUGIE'S CORNER (work in progress)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

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Coming Attractions: Welcome 2016 Edition
Start the New Year off with some mouth-watering mysteries, a few ghosts, and a curse or two!
bookIt’s the early 1900s and twenty-four-year-old heiress Charlotte Demerayes lives in the Fanaman mansion with a few ghosts and the mother from hell. This gothic mystery takes a turn when our protagonist sails to Europe and discovers the truth about herself, her heritage, and information her mother has hidden from her all her life. Fanaman Curse is the d├ębut novel for A. H. Scott.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Crime Writers Conference

Saturday and Sunday, June 6 & 7, 2015
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Los Angeles-Westside
6161 West Centinela Avenue, Culver City, California

Yesterday at the CCWC in Los Angeles, I met some of the most incredible people who were willing to take the time to just talk and encourage each other.

There were seasoned writers as well as just starting out writers all attending for a common goal, to learn from each other.

Charlene Harris delivered an all-inspiring message on writing and finishing the race (you’ll never finish unless you start, so just do it), she was a hoot.

The panel rooms were awesome.

And, the food was fantastic too.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Coming Soon!

Black Opal Books Presents
                        Fanaman Curse

                                                 Piercing nails clawed Charlotte’s skin   
                          She fought the presence that tried to take control
                                        It scratched deep wells into her flesh
                                    Charlotte felt as though she was trapped
                                              in one of her nightly nightmares
                                      Without warning Charlotte stopped fighting
                       She had learned from those nightmares to let the demons                                                                     wash over her
                       She forced the lower extremities of her body to go limp
                               This always betrayed the demons to their own greed
                                   When her opponent lessened its deathening grip
                                                          the opportunity came
                            Charlotte transferred her strength into her arms
                                             and fought hard for her life
                                                  tossing the figure away
                                            As always, the figure vanished
                                                      as though never there
                   Hysterical laughter from within the Conservatory filled 
                                                             Charlotte’s ears
                                    Only the sight of her father lunging into the 
                                                Conservatory eased her mind


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Coming Soon Excerpts From:
                            Fanaman Curse
                                         (Black Opal Books)
 The death of my little brother when we were children still haunts me. I cannot see who is coming towards me. Hands white as snow dripping icicles punctures the ground. They fall leaving blankets of bloody footprints going nowhere leading everywhere. The sounds of screaming geese off in the distance awaken me to a cold sweat, never remembering what truly happened. I fall back to sleep after many hours to be awaken once again as if drowning in the sea below. Something keeps holding me down, I cannot climb up Heavens Stairway. I scream to the woman in white who is running down the rocks. She does not see me. She plunges headfirst into the black abyss. Never screaming—just quiet. Mother says my brother death was an accident, but no one will tell me…