AUGIE'S CORNER (work in progress)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Currently, I'm working on Agatha-Josephine Friday Noonsday, amateur sleuth and her sidekick Nicky.
These two high school students always find a way to get themselves into all sorts of trouble.

Agatha-Josephine claims the problem is in her blood since her grandfather, father and brother were all three in law enforcement, but in Nicky's case he likes Joe (that's the name everyone calls her) and he thinks he can save her from herself. Which proves to be a 24 hour job of mishaps, zany misunderstandings as well as murder.

To be released soon, come along and ride the wild ride with Agatha-Josephine (Joe), Nicky, Gramps, Mikey and Uncle Joe Friday. See if you can figure out why the author calls each story Gumbo?

For now as Agatha-Josephine would say, "I know there's a mystery here."

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